The company ABX was founded in 1992 in Rumburk, Czech republic. The production of fireplace stoves and fireplaces was inaugurated in 1993. These days our company employs more than 300 employees.
During a few last years, the production of stoves and fireplaces is more than 30 000 units per year. Our fireplace stoves and fireplaces are exported to Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, etc.
All fireplace stoves are designed on the basis of the newest researches in the branch. The secondary and tertiary air helps to perfect burning and ensure extremely clear combustion products which are environment-friendly.
Due to long-time experiences and a professionalism of all employees is achieved a high quality of fireplace stoves and fireplaces. Therefore, the fireplace stoves ABX fulfil the highest technical standards DIN+ at German and Austrian authorized testing rooms.

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